Applied Econometrics with R

Authors Christian Kleiber, Achim Zeileis
Book Chapter 1 & 2, Springer homepage, Google books
R package

Presentation materials

Syllabus [slides] [handout] [R]
Introduction [slides] [handout] [R]
Basics [slides] [handout] [R]
Linear Regression [slides] [handout] [R]
Diagnostics and Alternative Methods of Regression [slides] [handout] [R]
Microeconometrics [slides] [handout] [R]
Time Series [slides] [handout] [R]
Programming Your Own Analysis [slides] [handout] [R]
Extension: Financial Econometrics [slides] [handout] [R]
Extension: Time, Date, and Time Series Classes [slides] [handout] [R]

Further resources


  • R
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  • Integrated development environment for R: RStudio
  • Document preparation system: LaTeX
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