Instructor Achim Zeileis
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Learning resources OLAT Learning Management System (also via guest access), DiSCdown book
Primary reference Winkelmann & Boes (2009). Analysis of Microdata, 2nd ed. Springer-Verlag.
Springer homepage
Secondary reference Kleiber & Zeileis (2008). Applied Econometrics with R. Springer-Verlag.
R package, Chapter 1 & 2, Springer homepage, Google books


  • Generalized linear models
  • Maximum likelihood estimation
  • Binary response models
  • Multinomial response models
  • Ordered response models
  • Count data models
  • Limited dependent variables, duration models


  • Linear regression
    • Ordinary/weighted/generalized least squares estimation
    • Gauss-Markov theorem
    • Inference (t and F tests) for linear hypotheses
    • Robust standard errors
    • Regression diagnostics
    • Factors and interactions
    • Model selection


  • R
    The R system for statistical computing will be used throughout the lecture. All methods and their application will be illustrated using R. Exercises should be solved using R.
    Installation under Windows: Base R.
  • Integrated development environment for R: RStudio
  • Introduction to Programming with R