CRAN Task Views: The next generation

New arXiv working paper on the relaunch of the CRAN Task View Initiative providing better infrastructure and workflows for proposing and maintaining CRAN Task Views and fostering interactions with the R community.


Achim Zeileis, Roger Bivand, Dirk Eddelbuettel, Kurt Hornik, Nathalie Vialaneix (2023). “CRAN Task Views: The Next Generation.” E-Print Archive arXiv:2305.17573 [stat.CO]. doi:10.48550/arXiv.2305.17573


CRAN Task Views have been available on the Comprehensive R Archive Network since 2005. They provide guidance about which CRAN packages are relevant for tasks related to a certain topic, and can also facilitate automatic installation of all corresponding packages. Motivated by challenges from the growth of CRAN and the R community as a whole since 2005, all of the task views infrastructure and workflows were rethought and relaunched in 2021/22 in order to facilitate maintenance, and to foster deeper interactions with the R community. The redesign encompasses the establishment of a group of CRAN Task View Editors, moving all task view sources to dedicated GitHub repositories, adopting well-documented workflows with a code of conduct, and leveraging R/Markdown files (rather than XML) for the content of the task views.
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